How to make iCal play nice with Sparrow

It’s no secret I love Sparrow. I’ve been using it since it was in beta and I’m a very happy customer.

Abandoning Apple Mail for a third party e-mail application however does come with it’s quirks. Apple was nice enough to not respect the “Default e-mail reader” setting (which is in Apple Mail itself btw) in many of it’s applications including iCal. I’m a quite heavy iCal user and have been annoyed with this ever since I switched over to Sparrow.

What basically happens is that whenever you have an e-mail reminder set in one of your calendar entries iCal will launch Apple Mail to send you this reminder. Even-though you might not be using Apple Mail. This is especially annoying if you have never even opened or set-up mail and therefor have no e-mail accounts there. Luckily this behavior is modifiable trough Applescript.

Today I was pointed to this blog post showing how to interact with Sparrow trough Applescript. I immediately hacked together a script to fix my issues with iCal. And I am happy to report it works like a charm and my iCal now finally sends e-mails trough Sparrow. Check out the project on github. Many thanks go out to @dinh_viet_hoa for making this possible.

EDIT: I hope my explanation on how to install it is clear enough. If you have any questions or suggestion feel free to hit me up in twitter or github

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Posted at 4:27 PM 31 May 2011
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